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Season 2018 Match Reports

Match Reports and Results

Match Reports and Results

May 3rd at Basingstoke Town.

This always promised to be a close match based on last seasons results as both teams reached the play-off stages. Basingstoke finished as the beaten finalist in a very close final against Fleet Utd Cygnets.

The afternoon was dry and sunny with the green getting faster as the match progressed following the rain of the previous day.

Rink 1: John Maycock, John Welch and Elaine Bowman.

AWRE started the game by winning the first 5 ends but then conceeded 9 shots in the next 3 ends and at the break the score was 8 -10. The second period was again very evenly matched but finished in favour of the Town by 3 shots (13-16), despite AWRE winning 10 of the 18 ends.

Rink 2: Diane Tompkins, Ian Bowman and David Bowman.

Another close game where neither team were able to go into a commanding lead, there were never more than 2 shots difference throughout the game. Going into the last end the scores were level at 15 each, but Basingstoke secured the winning shot and the game 15-16.

Rink 3:Dot Brown, Ian Lightbody and Graham Tompkins.

It was good to see Graham back playing following his recovery from his problems that meant he was unable to play any matches last season. This match again was closely fought and after 13 ends the scores were level at 14 all. In the final 5 ends AWRE picked up 10 shots without reply to win the match 24-14 and secure the 2 points.

Match Result: AWRE 52 (3 Points) Basingstoke Town 46 (4 Points) which was better than last season when we lost 2 points to 5.


May 10th Home to Thornycroft

The afternoon was dry and sunny for this match which was the first competitive match on our green this season. The  green looked in good condition but once the match started it was clear there were some funny runs, especially on rinks one and two. However with bowls the conditions are the same for both sides so it is a question of who masters them best on the day. 

Rink 1: Diane Tompkins, John Mitchell and David Bowman.

Thornycroft started the game by going into a 10 - 2 lead after only 5 ends a margin that AWRE were never able to pull back. At the break for tea the score was 9 - 12 and both teams shared the remaining ends both scoring 6 shots but the match finished 13 - 18 in favour of Thornycroft.

Rink 2: Rosa Shephard, Ian Watts and Ian Lightbody

This rink only won 2 of the first 10 ends and were trailing by 7 shots at the break. The second half was much closer with AWRE  winning 5 ends, and after 16 ends the scores were level at 16 shots each. Thornycroft however scored a single on ends 17 and 18 to win 16 - 18.

Rink 3: Tom Dearman, Elaine Bowman and Graham Tompkins.

This match turned out to be a little one-sided with AWRE winning 13 ends, including 4 ends of scoring 4 shots. The match finished 30 - 7 to AWRE

Match Result: AWRE 59 (3 Points) Thornycroft 43 (4 Points) last season we took 5 points from this fixture .

May 17th Home to Marnell Jades.

I was not at the match but I understand the green played a little better than last week after a few days of warm dry weather.

Rink 1: Tom Dearman, Elaine Bowman and Graham Tompkins.

Another convincing performance from this triple winning by 32 - 9, following a 30 - 7 win last week. At the break the match was still fairly even but of the last 8 ends AWRE won 7 scoring 22 shots to 2, only losing the last end.

Rink 2: Dot Brown, John Mutlow and John Maycock.

This rink won 11 of the 18 ends played and were never behind in the match, however dropping a 4 on the 15th end meant the match was level at 11 shots each. A strong finish over the last 3 ends, scoring 7 shots meant a 18 - 11 victory.

Rink 3: Diane Tompkins, John Welch and David Bowman.

This turned out to be the closest match of the afternoon and going into the final end the scores were level at 16 shots each. Marnell claimed the shot on the final end to win 16 - 17, each team winning 9 ends.

Match Result: AWRE 66 (5 Points) Marnell Jades 37 (2 Points) last season we took 7 points from this fixture .


After 3 matches the table shows us in 4th place with 11 points but unbeaten. The league leaders are Fleet United Cygnets on 19 points, with Oakley second on 16 points. At the other end of the table both Howard Park Whites and Thornycroft have 4 points.

May 24th Away to Howard Park White.

The match started on a grey overcast afternoon with the odd spot of rain in the air, but a couple of very heavy thundery showers made the afternoon far from enjoyable. The Captains agreed to play the minimum of ten ends to ensure a result however after the tea break at tens ends the Green had become waterlogged. 

Rink 1: Dot Brown, Ian Lightbody and John Maycock.

A very even match and after 8 ends both teams were level with 8 shots each, however 4 shots on end 9 proved decisive and  AWRE won the rink 13 - 8.

Rink 2: John Mitchell, Elaine Bowman and Graham Tompkins.

This triple never came to terms with the conditions and opposition and only won 3 of the 10 ends played. The final score was 4 - 14.

Rink 3: Diane Tompkins, Ian Bowman and David Bowman.

A good solid performance from this team allowing the opposition to win only 3 ends resulted in a 17 - 4 win for AWRE.

Match Result: AWRE 34 (5 points) Howard Park White 27 (2 points). In the corresponding match last season we only won on one rink so gaining 2 points.

May 31st Away to Oakley B

Going into this match both teams were level on points at 16 each, with AWRE in 2nd place on shot difference. The game started in dry, very warm humid conditions with the threat of rain never far away. We were lucky as the worst of the rain came during the break and a full length match was played.

Rink 1: Dot Brown, Ian Watts and John Maycock.

At the break AWRE were trailing by six shots and only winning three ends of the opening ten. After tea however,  AWRE won six of the remaining eight ends, but were still trailing by three shots going into the 17th end. However a four on end 17 and a single on the final end meant a well earned 19 - 17 victory.

Rink 2: John Mutlow, Ian Bowman and Elaine Bowman.

Another very tight match all afternoon but at the break Oakley were leading 10 - 9. A four on end 13 opened a 2 shot lead for AWRE but they instantly dropped a four on end 14. After 16 ends the scores were level at 15 each, but by winning the final two ends AWRE won 18 - 15.

Rink 3: Diane Tompkins, Ian Lightbody and Graham Tompkins.

This match was never as close as the other two rinks and at the break AWRE were leading by 16 shots to 3. After 14 ends the score was 24 - 5, but by winning the final four ends, Oakley pulled the score back to 24 - 14. 

Match Result: AWRE 61 (7 points) Oakley B 46 (0 points). In the corresponding match last season we gained 5 points.

June 7th Home to Fleet United Cygnets.

Prior to this match our opponents held an 8 point lead over us at the top of the Central Section League Table. The weather was overcast and humid but at least dry, a light shower about an hour before the match left the green in perfect condition.

Rink 1: John Mitchell, Ian Bowman and Elaine Bowman.

AWRE only won four of the eighteen ends including a 5 on end thirteen. We were constantly out bowled with some very good lead play and Elaine always appeared to be bowling from a position of shots down. On many ends she recovered the position but then the Fleet skip would nearly always turn it round again. The final score was 9 - 30.

Rink 2: Dot Brown, John Welch and Ian Lightbody.

Fleet started this rink with a 5 shot penalty for having a all male rink, this proved to be the decisive factor in this game. The match was an even affair with AWRE winning ten ends to eight. After fifteen ends AWRE held an one shot lead but managed to win the final three ends and secured a win by 20 - 15.

Rink 3: Diane Tompkins, Tom Dearman and Graham Tompkins.

This was a fairly well matched rink with a lot of ends won by a single shot. End fifteen however bucked the trend with Fleet scoring a 6 to give them a 10 shot lead with only three ends to play. AWRE scored fours on ends sixteen and eighteen but lost by 15 -19.

Match Result: AWRE 44 (2 points) Fleet United Cygnets 64 (5 points). Last season AWRE were victorious by 5 points to 2.

June 14th Away to Hook DIamonds.

After last weeks results AWRE had slipped to third place in the league table, eleven points behind the leaders Fleet United Cygnets and two points behind second placed Basingstoke Town who have a game in hand. Clearly a good result today was needed to maintain a possibility of a place in the end of season play-off matches. Conditions for the match were dry and bright, and the green looked in good condition. As the match progressed it was apparent that the green was heavier than expected and all rinks seemed to have the odd funny runs.

RInk 1: Dot Brown, Ian Watts and John Maycock.

AWRE won the first three ends to go into a five shot lead but then failed to score in the next seven ends to go into the break down 5 - 10. After fifteen ends AWRE were still trailing by five shots but by winning the final three ends, scoring six shots in the process  to win 15 - 14.

RInk 2: Fred Gill, Ian Lightbody and Elaine Bowman.

AWRE started this match with a five shot advantage because Hook were unable to field a mixed triple. After only three ends Hook had opened up a lead of nine shots to the five penalty given to the visitors. At the break AWRE were leading 13 - 11 and by winning six of the remaining eight ends won the rink by 24 - 13.

RInk 3: Rosa Shephard, Ian Bowman and David Bowman.

AWRE won the first three ends to go into a six shot lead, but at the break were trailing by 7 - 12. Six shots scored on ends eleven and twelve meant AWRE had taken a single shot lead, but five shots were dropped on the next three ends. Going into the final end and with only the Hook Skips last wood to bowl AWRE held the two shots needed for a victory. The last wood proved decisive and gained the shot resulting in a defeat by 16 - 18.

Match Result: Hook DIamonds 44 (2 Points) AWRE 55 (5 Points). Last season we gained 7 points from this fixture but that included a walk-over on one rink as Hook were unable to raise three triples. After this match we were still in third place in the table, 8 points behind Fleet and 2 behind BasingstokeTown who still have a match in hand.


June 21st Home to Basingstoke Town.

A phone call from the Basingstoke Town Captain on June 16th stated he was unable to raise a team for this fixture.  AWRE reluctantly agreed to this request and suggested a Tuesday afternoon for the re-arranged match.

June 28th Away to Thornycroft.

After last weeks cancellation we had slipped to fourth in the league but still very much in contention for a play-off spot. I was forced to miss this match due to gout, but it was played in very testing conditions with temperatures in the high twenties and hardly any breeze to made things a little more pleasant.

Rink 1: David Bowman, John Welch and Elaine Bowman.

This was a  very even game throughout and at tea the  score was 7 - 8, but a very strong start to the second period scoring seven shots without reply meant a 14 -8 lead after fourteen ends. Despite losing three of the final four ends we held on to secure a 15 - 13 victory.

Rink 2: Diane Tompkins, Ian Lightbody and Graham Tompkins:

A slow start from this rink only scoring four shots prior to the break and losing by 4 - 11. A very positive start to the second half secured 8 shots on the first three ends to go into a single shot lead and going into the final end the scores were fifteen each. Securing the shot on the final end AWRE won the match 16 - 15.

Rink 3: Dot Brown, John Mutlow and John Maycock.

Both sides won nine ends each in this match, but by scoring 4 on three of their winning ends, which helped AWRE ease to a comfortable victory by 22 - 14.

Match Result: Thornycroft 42 (0 Points) AWRE 53 (7 Points) AWRE also secured  seven points from the corresponding game last season. This result secured ten points from the two matches against Thornycroft this season.

July 5th Away to Marnell Jades.

Another very warm sunny afternoon for this match, however the appearance of the green looked fine considering the drought conditions of the last few weeks. However once bowling began the green was found to be very bumpy with some strange lines. 

Rink 1: Diane Tompkins, Ian Watts and Graham Tompkins.

A close match throughout however AWRE always appeared in control and won ten of the eighteen ends.Steady scoring over the last few ends resulted in a win by 18 - 11.

Rink 2: David Bowman, Ian Bowman and Elaine Bowman.

This triple took a long time to get to grips with the conditions and at the break were behind 7 - 9. People say "it all changes after tea" and this was a case in point. The home side only won two of the final eight ends meaning victory for AWRE by 18 -13.

Rink 3: Fred Gill, Dot Brown and John Maycock.

This match always appeared to be going in the favour of the home side and at the break the score was 3 - 11. On resumption of play AWRE won four ends including a 6 on end fifteen to level the match at 12 all. However by scoring a single shot on the final three ends Marnell won the rink 12 - 15.

Match Result: Marnell Jades 39 (5 Points) AWRE 48 (5 Points). In the league table issued after this match AWRE had gone top by 3 points above Fleet United Cygnets on level games. Basingstoke Town however in third place again only 3 points behind us have two matches in hand. One of which is against us, re-arranged for July 24th.


July 12th Home to Howard Park Whites.

The hot dry spell had continued and our green looked in desperate need of rain, with lots of dry areas and patches of green grass in places that had received more water than others. Conditions like the last month or so, clearly shows how we would benefit from a new watering system.

Rink 1: Dot Brown, Ian Lightbody and Graham Tompkins.

The AWRE triple quickly adapted to the conditions and by the tea break at ten ends were leading 14 - 2. The match continued with AWRE winning another 5 of the remaining ends, winning 13 ends in the match and in doing so set up a comfortable victory by 22 - 7.

Rink 2: Tom Dearman, David Bowman and Elaine Bowman.

This triple never came to terms with the conditions and at tea were losing 4 - 14. The second period never improved for them and throughout the match only won five ends. A heavy defeat by 8 - 25 was the final result.

Rink 3: Fred Gill, Ian Watts and John Maycock.

This triple had the short straw as they suffered a 5 shot disadvantage, at the start, as we were missing a lady this week. We only have four in the squad so guess we are lucky this is the first time it has happened this season. After ten ends at the break the gap was only 4 shots so a moral 9 - 8 victory in the first half. After tea AWRE went five ends without scoring including dropping a 6, but by winning the final three ends including scoring a five meant defeat by 17 - 27.

Match Result: AWRE 47 (2 Points) Howard Park Whites 59 (5 Points)

July 19th Home to Oakley B.

Another very hot dry afternoon with temperatures around 30 degrees C. The green had large areas of brown dry grass together with areas of green which had received more water following manual watering. It is periods like this where our Club misses the benefits of a automatic watering system but conditions were the same for both teams.

Rink 1: John Mitchell, David Bowman and Elaine Bowman.

Anyone playing bowls will be familiar with the saying "it all changes after tea" and never was this better demonstrated that with the game on this rink. The home side quickly took control and after eight ends were leading 14 - 1 and at tea it was still 14 -5. AWRE won the eleventh end but thats where the wheels came off, and they failed to win another end, eventually losing the match 15 - 18.

Rink 2: Diane Tompkins, Ian Lightbody and Graham Tompkins.

AWRE won three of the first five ends to go into a 6 - 2 lead, at tea the score was 8 - 8, but similar to rink 1 we only won two ends after the break to lose the match 11 - 17.

Rink 3: Dot Brown, Ian Bowman and John Maycock.

This triple seemed to master the conditions quicker than the opposition and quickly went into a comfortable lead which at tea stood at 16 - 2. The final eight ends were shared and at the end of the match AWRE had won 25 - 9.

Match Result: AWRE 51 (3 Points) Oakley B 44 (4 Points)

July 24th Home to Basingstoke Town.​

This was the new date agreed for this match originally scheduled for June 21st. Basingstoke were unable to raise a team on the original date and a few days before this new date, they contacted to say they had the same problem and requested another new date. With the season drawing to a close, and after contacting the League Secretary, I decided to claim the match under League Rule 7. This means that at the end of the season AWRE will be awarded the average points scored over the other 13 matches (currently standing at 4), with Basingstoke gaining zero points.

July 26th Away to Fleet ​United Cygnets.

The forecast promised a very hot afternoon and the warmest day of the year, but conditions although still very hot were quite comfortable with a slight breeze. It was also good to see a green in great condition after the long dry spell, the sprinkling system had been put to good use.

This match was also going to go a long way in deciding the final league position as prior to the game Fleet were second, five points in front of AWRE, in third place.

Rink 1: John Welch, David Bowman and Elaine Bowman.

AWRE won four of the first ten ends by scoring single shots and at the break were trailing 4 - 13. Despite scoring a five on end seventeen the match finished 14 - 19 in favour of Fleet.

Rink 2: Dot Brown, Ian Bowman and John Maycock.

At the break the game was fairly even, helped by a six from AWRE on end eight, the score was 11 - 8 to AWRE. The eleventh end even the match but a strong finish from the home team meant a comfortable victory to Fleet by 14 - 20.

Rink 3: Diane Tompkins, Ian Lightbody and Graham Tompkins.

A very strong performance throughout the match, with Fleet only winning seven ends with single shots ensured a 27 - 7 to AWRE and the margin of victory meant the match point was assured.

Match Result: Fleet United Cygnets 46 (4 Points) AWRE 55 (3 Points)

August 2nd Home to Hook Diamonds.

Following a run of disappointing results where AWRE only scored eight points from three games, despite winning two of these matches we had slipped to six points behind Fleet Cygnets in second place. Clearly maximum points would be needed from this match, and Fleet would need to draw a blank at Oakley to stand any chance of progressing to the Play-Offs. 

It was another warm sunny afternoon and unfortunately Hook only arrived with seven players so an agreement was reached for them to form two pairs and a triple to play our three triples. This meant that on the rinks where pairs were playing they would lose 25% of their score, which is reflected in the totals shown below.

Rink 1: John Mutlow, Dot Brown and John Welch.

This was the only rink that played a triple and the first half of the match was fairly even with only a single shot advantage to Hook at the break. After the break Hook were the stronger team and eventually won by 12 - 18, however 50% of their total came from two ends with a five and a four.

Rink 2: Diane Tompkins, Ian Bowman and David Bowman.

The AWRE triple appeared to be always in control of the game and were never behind after eight ends. A very strong finish meant a victory by 21 - 11 which after the deduction for the playing the pair was adjusted to 21 - 8.

Rink 3: John Mitchell, Ian Lightbody and Elaine Bowman.

Another triple v pair rink with the Hook pair actually winning ten ends, but  AWRE won three, of the ten ends by scoring a three, four and a six. The final score was 20 - 13, adjusted to 20 - 10.

Match Result: AWRE 53 (5 Points) Hook Diamonds 36 (2 Points)


Season 2018 Summary and Statistics. 

Overall it was another good season for the Club although we did not qualify for the Play-Offs. We finished the season in third place in the table on 59 points, which was 15 less than the league winners Basingstoke Town achieved. Both sides won 11 of the thirteen matches played, (1 walkover). The big difference was in the number of winning rinks, AWRE only won 22 of the 39 played, (44 points), whereas Basingstoke won 31, (62 points), of the 78 points possible. With the two points for each winning rink this clearly made a big difference to the final league placing. Fleet United Cygnets finished as runners-up with 67 points. On reflection maybe the balance of the triples maybe could have been improved, but I as sure all those members who played during the season, maybe able to think of games that "got away".

Thanks to you all that played during the season, and hopefully see you all again in 2019.

Ian Bowman